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Electrical installation

Elektro1 Hitra & Froya AS—your one-stop electrical contractor!

We are a licensed electrical contractor. We focus on providing services to a wide audience, and our projects range from minor maintenance jobs in private homes to project planning and execution of major home, industrial and maritime wiring and installation projects. We have the resources and expertise to take on major jobs, but, at the same time, we aren’t so big that we have forgotten about good customer service and close contact with customers.

If you choose to work with us, you can take comfort in knowing that the work is carried out in full compliance with all laws and regulations. All work on and changes to electrical wiring is an important job, and those doing the job must have the required knowledge and expertise. If you need professional help with your electrical installation, please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

We take on the following jobs:

  • Small jobs for private home owners
  • Inspection of wiring in homes
  • Wiring and installations in new buildings, cabins and expansions
  • Wiring and installations in rehabilitation/refurbishment projects
  • Heating systems and underfloor heating
  • Fire and burglar alarm systems
  • Light current systems
  • Internal control for corporate customers
  • Installations in commercial buildings
  • Retail systems/lighting
  • Maritime wiring on ships and floating installations in the aquaculture industry
  • We collaborate with and refer customers to other tradesmen